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I got a call from a client this weekend.  Their server stopped responding to network traffic.  I checked remotely…yep; no access.

When I went on site this morning, I did the regular checks (IP Sec causing the problem?  Nope.  Cable the issue?  Nope.  Wall port issue?  Nope.  Funky network driver needing a new install of driver?  Nope.)

It turns out that a block of ports (5-10 and 17-22) on their year-old Linksys SR2024C router failed.  All at once.

Fortunately, a quick (relatively) call to Linksys resulted in a RMA and advanced return of the device.  Within the week they will be back up and running.  In the meantime?  Thank goodness they only needed 12 of the 24 available ports!

Just when you think you have seen it all….