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So, like everyone else in the world, I downloaded and installed the latest firmware for the iPhone. And, here are my initial thoughts:


  • Love the App store. If you don’t have iPint and PhoneSaber, get them now!
  • Love the ability to search for contacts in all fields, and have the Contacts available from the home screen.
  • Multiple calendars, and all are color coded! Great; now, why don’t the colors match those in my iCal application? Home is Red in one and Blue in the other?
  • The ability to read an email with one account and respond with another? As it should have been from the beginning.
  • Three words: Exchange Sync Works.
  • The calculator is cool, even if it is something I will use infrequently.
  • Caps Lock!


  • Steve. Where is the copy and paste? I don’t want to have to add a phone number from an email into my contacts by first calling the person, hanging up quickly, and then add it from my recent calls list.
  • It seems, especially in the contact screen, slower moving around.
  • Please let me have a different signature for each account.
  • Battery life seems diminished, but I suspect that is the Push email functions.

All in all, much improved. Now, I can’t wait for 2.1.