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If you have been a constant reader of this blog (and I know you are out there; I can hear you breathing), then you know that I am a big fan of Apple. And, for years, I have been beating against the “Apple is so expensive” tide. However, I had a recent experience that made me rethink my policy.

A client is using an iMac in a Windows world. Yea for her! Since she uses some form software that is only available in Windows format (or using IE; boo for non-compliant webware!), she is using the excellent Parallels Desktop software. However, her iMac came with only 1 GB of RAM, and whenever she was in XP, her computer would sloooooooooow dooooooowwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn (even with only 256 MB of RAM dedicated to XP). So, we decided to upgrade to 2 GB of RAM.

I decided to go to the local Apple Store as it was 1 block closer to the client and I wanted to shave some time. Note to self; never go near an Apple store between Thanksgiving Day and MacWorld Expo. After waiting in line for 30 minutes (cause I can’t just go pick it up), I order from the very nice person behind the counter. 20 minutes later, she comes back and rings me up: $564.97. After I spit out my coffee (which was a trick, as I didn’t have any at the time, so I had to run to the nearest Starbucks, buy one, and come back. I only wish they made Starbucks more convenient), I come to find out that she had brought one 2 GB module rather than two 1 GB modules. So, I ask her to rectify that problem. 15 minutes later she comes back to tell me they are out. <sarcasm>Which, I can understand at the bargain price of $150/GB</sarcasm>.

So, I thanked her and walked down to the soon-to-be defunct CompUSA. Fifteen minutes and $68 later I had what I needed.

Dear Mr. Jobs; please do not make my job any hard than it already is. Thank you.