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Facebook has gotten a lot of heat lately.  Most of it is justified….their privacy settings are seemingly changed at a moments notice, and without any thought to what the average person would want to be set.  But, it does do one thing very well…bring old friends together.

An example; for 20 years I worked for a law firm in San Francisco.  It was a good sized firm, and a lot of people moved through the doors.  One of them left the firm in 1996.

Cut to 2009, and we have reconnected via Facebook.  She had since left the the practice that is law, and became a chef who works with kids.  Lo and behold, Child #1 was doing a badge for her girl scout troop, and she wanted to do something cooking related. I reached out to my FB friend, and she set up a class that all of the kids enjoyed.  Without Facebook, we would never have reconnected!

So, yes their security policies are laughable and arcane, but Facebook does serve a purpose.  Just don’t put anything on there you don’t want the world to see!

Plus…she has cooking camps!