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So. For those of you who don’t know, I just turned 40. And, as befitting a man of my geeky stature, I received an iPhone for my birthday.

Now; I have been coveting one since they were announced over a year ago. And, then a client got one. And he wanted me to connect it to his Exchange server. And I tried. For two weeks. Every time I finally got it to send, it couldn’t receive (and vice versa). And, yes, I did follow this.

So, I waited. And waited. And finally got one. And discovered a few more pet peeves. Most of these will have been hashed (and re-hashed), but I will continue anyway.


This is a big one; I hate the slowness of IMAP (not to mention the security implications). This, however, it mostly made moo by Apple’s recent announcement to include support for Microsoft’s Active Sync. Assuming it works, this could be the Blackberry killer.


I hate the fact that I cannot cut and paste. When I sent an email recently to a client (and mistyped their address), I ended up forwarding the original message since I didn’t want to retype it (and the mail client doesn’t appear to have a “edit and resend” function. This seems to me to be a very silly thing. I would think a simple “drag” of the finger would let me select text. And, I hate trying to stab the space next to the word that I misspelled two sentences back (or that the iPhone auto text “fixed” for me when I didn’t realize it).


The keyboard is cool. And, I hate it. I’ve had the phone for over a month, do a lot of emailing, and still cannot type and 1/2 the speed I could on my Blackberry.  I would love (and I know this is a hardware not a software upgrade) a hidden keyboard that you could slide the machine up to use for longer messages.  I tried to write this post from the iPhone, and gave up after 3 sentences and 5 minutes.

That is enough kvetching for now.  I like the device; but after coming from a blackberry, I don’t love it.

Still far superior to the Treo.  And, love the web surfing.