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I have a friend. And this friend believes that if you are going to make a comment that is negative, you should start with two positives. For example: “Hey; I like what you are doing with your hair. You also look like you lost some weight. By the way, that tattoo is hideous, and should be removed from my sight.”

Well, I’m going to do something similar…except, I’m going to start with a positive, and end with two negatives…assuming I can remember what the second one is.

Here is why I love Macs, and why I use one in my day-to-day work, even though (or, perhaps because) I am around PCs all of the time. This week, I was at a client’s office, and I needed to print something. So, I fired up my mac, found what I needed to print, and searched for Bonjour-enabled printers, and printed. I didn’t have to find and download drivers, I didn’t have to run around the office to find printers; it just worked.