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If you are like me (and if so, please return my wallet), then you have multiple songs/albums that are missing the important tags that make iTunes useful.  I had a ton of mp3 files that…um…fell into my lap off of a truck…<ahem>…that didn’t have the necessary information to make finding/sorting easy.  While I could use a product like Shazam for the occasional puzzling musical entree, it didn’t work for the whole meal service.

Hmmmm.  I’m suddenly hungry.

In any case, enter TuneUp…an iTunes add-on that actually seems to do what it promises.  While it isn’t instantaneous, and it is a little too wishy-washy if it cannot find more than one song from an album, it does what it should; find and tag my music.  It will do up to 500 songs at a time, but if you through that much at it, be prepared to wait, and wait, and wait….

But, I am very happy with it, and it will even work on multiple libraries!  Just be sure to get the lifetime option, rather than the monthly payment.