Posted by on Jul 21, 2008 in General | 2 comments

It seems to me that right around the time Windows XP came out, computers were almost…simple. Printers worked, and could be installed in 10 minutes. Setting the IP address of a machine could be done in 5 minutes without a restart and three clicks. Scanners needed a PhD to install, but at least they weren’t ending up in every machine known to man.

I was reminded of this today because of four things:

  1. I had to install an HP printer (a printer, not a MultiFunction Device), and it took 30 minutes and a restart.
  2. I had to change the driver of a Xerox machine on a Vista computer, and it took me three tries before I remembered that I had to “Run as Administrator”, even though I was logged in as an administrator at the time.
  3. I had to change the IP of the same Vista machine and it took 14 clicks to get to the properties of the Network Card (although I didn’t go the most direct route.
  4. I had to assist in installing a Xerox copier/scanner/fax/printer/espresso machine and it took 2 of us two hours to get it done…and the other person worked for Xerox.

Isn’t life supposed to be easier? Now we have dogs and cats living together!