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If you ask most people who know me, they would agree on one thing.  That I am devilishly hansome.

But, if they had to pick a second thing to agree on, it is that I like gadgets.  I loves me the electronics!

However, I had a chance to travel back to a kinder, gentler time.  A time when buggies were all the rage.  A time when Federal Express was run on ponies.  A time when you could travel without standing in a security line for 2 hours.

I’m referring, of course, to train travel.

A couple of weeks ago, I had to travel up to Sacramento.  And, while I could have driven, I decided to take the train.  And, I am sold!  It was comfortable, clean, reasonably fast (2 hours station-to-station), not terribly expensive, and I could relax, work, read, stare out the window, or all of the above.  In fact, for part of it I didn’t even take out my laptop!

I wasn’t quite Ted Kacynski, but I could start to see his point.  Except for that whole “blow people up” thing he had going on.

Now; if only they would add that WiFi!