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One of the interesting things about being an IT consultant, is that you get to work and interact with a variety of people.  I like people (which seems to be an oddity in the field I am in), and I like discovering new things about people and machines.

I have found that clients (and I am talking about individuals here, not businesses) fall into two basic categories:  those who want you to come in, get the work done, and then leave with a minimum of fuss; and those who want to deal with you on a personal and technological level.

It is these latter people who not only want to get their computer problems solved, but who also want to talk to you as a person.  They discuss what the Giants did that week (or will do in the upcoming year).  They find out if you share a common TV show connection, like 24, and then help conclude if Jack Bauer really is that kick ass (hint: he is). They will introduce you to interesting new music, like Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour.  They will challenge you to work on some products you like (an HP MFP, for example) and others you don’t (like AOL), with a sense of humor and understanding that sometimes it works like magic, and other times it just doesn’t.

Jeff Rosen was such a guy.  And, today, he lost his battle with cancer.

I leave with you with Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms, the second movement.   I sang this a few years back with the San Francisco Choral Society (not this MP3), and it is one of the most beautiful choral pieces written.

Chichester Psalms, 2nd Movement (click this to listen)

Psalm 23

Adonai ro-i, lo echsar.
Bin’ot deshe yarbitseini,
Al mei m’nuchot y’nachaleini,
Naf’shi y’shovev,
Yan’cheini b’ma’aglei tsedek,
L’ma’an sh’mo.
Gam ki eilech
B’gei tsalmavet,
Lo ira ra,
Ki Atah imadi.
Shiv’t’cha umishan’techa
Hemah y’nachamuni.

Ta’aroch l’fanai shulchan,
Neged tsor’rai
Dishanta vashemen roshi
Cosi r’vayah.
Ach tov vachesed
Yird’funi kol y’mei chayai,
V’shav’ti b’veit Adonai
L’orech yamim.

Psalm 2, verses 1-4

Lamah rag’shu goyim
Ul’umim yeh’gu rik?
Yit’yats’vu malchei erets,
V’roznim nos’du yachad
Al Adonai v’al m’shicho.

N’natkah et mos’roteimo,
V’nashlichah mimenu avoteimo.
Yoshev bashamayim
Yis’chak, Adonai
Yil’ag lamo!

(Donations can be made in Jeff’s name to the Alameda County Food Bank or the American Jewish World Service organizations)