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The blog-o-sphere has been talking about nothing but Microsoft for the past week, and it is for these three reasons:

Bill Gates, Bill Gates, Bill Gates.

First it was the “quote heard round the world” where Mr. Gates so famously lists his various complaints with some Windows software in 2003. My favorite quote is “What an absolute mess.”. You can read about it here. Or here. Or just about everywhere.

Second, it was Bill Gates leaving (his last day was Friday, June 27). It is true that there are very few people that were the face of their company. Lee Iococca. Steve Jobs. Larry Ellison. The Woz. I’m not sure what, if any, effect this will have on Microsoft as a whole, but he will be missed.  Although maybe having someone less picky in charge will lead to more on-time performance.  Still waiting for SBS 2008!

Finally, today (June 30) is the last official day you can purchase Windows XP.  Although, even Dell has realized that Vista may be the Tucker of the computer world.  Maybe now people will stop picking on Apple for the Newton.