Posted by on Jul 31, 2009 in Tech Fixes | 1 comment

Here was an interesting problem.

Timeslips 2008 running on a Vista machine.  The preferences file (prefs.prf) file could not be found in the default directory of:

C:Program FilesTimeslips

However, when looking at the preferences file within Timeslips, it would appear to be there.  Here is the answer.  For some reason, Vista was putting the prefs.prf file in the following directory:

c:users<user name>appdatalocalvirtualstoreProgram FilesTimeslips

So, the fix for me was to do the following steps:

  1. Set the security of the Timeslips folder under the Program Files directory so the logged-in user has full rights.
  2. Close Timeslips
  3. Delete (or better yet, rename) the preferences file found in the Users…. directory
  4. Restart Timeslips, which will recreate the preferences file in the default directory

That is it!