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Ok. I started to write this post a month ago. And then, my beloved Mac, crashed (the little seen “Gray Screen of Death“). And then life intervened. So…here I go again.

Why I hate HP (sometimes)

I have a client, and that client had a Dell Multi-Function Printer (MFP). And, this printer jammed. A lot. Especially when printing envelopes. Now, this normally would not be a problem; unless you want to mail something, of course. So, after futzing with this for a year (and receiving a replacement from Dell), he decided to get a HP MFP. Which his office manager installed. Which completely bollock-ups his machine. So, they call in the big guns…uh, me.

So, I wrestle with it. And struggle with it. I uninstall. I re-install. I un-install and remove Registry entries. I sweat blood and tears (and, no, it did not make me so very happy), and finally break down and call Tech Support (which is akin to RTFM for a guy like me…not something I do willingly). After 20 minutes of Muzak, I get a Real Live Person on the phone. And, here was the problem:

The USB cable was too long.

Yes; the same USB cable that worked just fine for the Dell, was too long for the HP. Now, I’m not talking about a 25 foot cable (which can’t be found anyway). I’m talking about a 10 foot cable. For a brand new printer. On a computer that is less than 2 years old. That is running USB 2.0. Too. Long.

A quick switch of the cable….and all of the problems were resolved. It installed. It ran through its 45 minutes of post-install processes. It works. And, as an added bonus; it does not eat envelopes.

But, for God’s sake; don’t come near it with a long USB cable.

I wonder if, in 5 years (mid-life for a printer), it will get a hairpiece and a Corvette to help over-compensate.